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About Handy and Harman Refining

Handy & Harman has been a leader in the precious metal business for more than 145 years, returning gold and silver back into use and earning the trust and respect of its customer base due to unmatched integrity and advanced refining processes.

Handy & Harman Refining is an operating unit of Lucas-Milhaupt, Inc., a provider and leading producer of metal joining products and services for thousands of companies worldwide. Handy & Harman Refining also supplies the precious metals reclamation services of parent company Handy & Harman Ltd., a publicly traded company.

IPMI Logo Handy & Harman Refining, has gained a reputation as a trusted partner and is a multilingual organization that communicates effectively with customers throughout the world. It is ISO Certified and a member of the International Precious Metals Institute and the Silver User Association.

The Early Days of Handy & Harman

Handy & Harman today is a widely diversified manufacturing company, producing thousands of products for a broad spectrum of industrial users. The company's 1867 beginnings, however, are rooted in the precious metals industry.

From its founding until the end of the 19th century, Handy & Harman dealt in gold and silver bars and coins, building a formidable global reputation. Based on experience and business contacts, the company began in 1892 issuing a daily silver price as a service for American silver producers. This price rapidly became the basis for virtually all silver transactions throughout North America.

During the late 1890s, in addition to the trading activity of bullion and coins, Handy & Harman acted as a supplier of gold and silver bars to manufacturing jewelers and silversmiths. These manufacturers alloyed gold and silver with other metals to fabricate finished jewelry and silverware products. And, as an important part of their operation, they reclaimed the precious metals hidden in their manufacturing scrap... in wiping rags, bench filings, lathe turnings and floor sweeps.

At the turn of the century, Handy & Harman undertook a major new step in the business by transitioning into metal fabricators and refiners, establishing a silver plant in Bridgeport, Connecticut and a gold plant in New York City.

It was during this time that Handy & Harman broke new ground in precious metal refining. In the early 1900s, reclaiming gold and silver from manufacturing scrap was inefficient due to limited technology. Jewelers and silversmiths would generally refine their own scrap and, because of their unsophisticated and small-scale equipment and procedures, would often lose considerable gold and silver in the process.

With newly-installed large-scale equipment and advanced procedures, Handy & Harman was able to refine a manufacturer's scrap far more efficiently than jewelers and silversmiths. And by developing new techniques for blending, sampling and assaying a scrap lot, the company was able to determine its precise precious metal content as a basis for payment.

More evidence of the leadership role Handy & Harman played in the precious metals industry was the publication of the annual "Review of the Silver Market," a booklet that reviewed the 1916 silver market and was first published in 1917. This publication for many years reported on the trends and activities in silver, and was widely recognized as a reliable source of information on the silver market by the metals trade, economists, financial analysts and government agencies.

Handy & Harman is not only a recognized leader in today's silver market, but it has forged that reputation with a history of innovation and trend-setting that is not easily matched.

Handy & Harman Refining has been our primary refiner of choice for a number of years. As a supplier for one of our critical commodities, Handy & Harmon Refining has gone beyond satisfying our business needs by continuously supplying us with a quality product and superior service. Their established refining process has a quick turn, including the reclamation for the metals refined, which works with our best practices in inventory management.
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