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A Precious Metals Scrap "Success Story"

A major compressor manufacturer uses a silver brazing alloy in a "torch and rod" process that results in a significant quantity of silver brazing splashing to the floor. The floor is then swept and power washed into collection tanks where the silver settles to prevent discharge into the sewer as a hazardous material.

To avoid significant environmental and regulatory sanctions, the company paid $10,000 a barrel to have this silver bearing waste removed as hazardous waste.

Handy & Harman Refining proposed the company send this waste to us for value recovery. The cost to our customer is roughly the same, but instead of simply losing $10,000 a barrel as the cost of doing business, we pay them for their silver.

During the first nine months of this program, Handy & Harman Refining paid the customer a net gain of more than $223,000 for the product that was previously flushed down the drain. (Imagine all the money lost by not starting this process sooner.)

It's an unfortunate reality that there are still companies not taking advantage of turning their scrap into cash. When asked why more companies aren't refining their precious metal scrap, an industry insider noted, "They don't know what they don't know."

That is one of the jobs of Handy & Harman Refining... to help customers understand how they can generate revenue from scrap. The message is clear: precious metal scrap can be hiding in countless places; make sure you know them all.

It could make a six-figure difference in your bottom line.

We choose Handy & Harman Refining for our precious metal processing because of their reputation in the industry. Handy & Harman Refining has a long history in the business, and we feel that their longevity and market presence demonstrates their professional stake in the industry.
President, Precious Metals Dealer