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In some circles, it's called "hidden money." Others simply see neglecting to refine precious metal scrap as "throwing money away."

No matter what it's called, there is value in your scrap! It's worth your time and effort. So, what scrap is worth your time?

If you make products and your usable components contain gold, silver or platinum group metals, your production rejects will contain the same metals in the same proportions. Turning to Handy & Harman Refining to reclaim this scrap could put money in your bank account.

These are the main products that we refine:

  • Brazing Alloys
  • Coins
  • Jewelry
  • Industrial Scrap Containing Precious Metal 'Ag' or 'Au'
  • Sweeps

We urge you to collect and save lathe turnings, milling and drill press clips, blanking scrap from stamping machines, edge trim from slitting machines, and slag from casting crucibles. Collect dust from grinding wheels and buffing operations, as well as the wheels and buffing pads themselves. Don't over-look rags, workers' clothing and shoes, which all could be saturated with reclaimable precious metal particles.

Industries We Work With

The list of industries that can generate precious scrap metal continues to grow. Here are a few of the industries that Handy & Harman Refining serves.

  • Coin Dealers: Pre-1965 U.S. and Canadian coins and other silver/copper (coin silver) that become available through debasing of old currency can generate income.
  • Dental Industry
  • Industrial Brazers: Your excess inventory, skeleton scrap from die-punching, and edge scrap from slitting operations are of interest.
  • Manufacturing Jewelers: Manufacturing scrap is high in value. Metallic gold and silver alloys, bench grindings, and polishing dust can garner additional income.
  • Mirror Platers: We accept silver sludge from settling tanks and spent sputtering targets.
If your company provides materials in consistent and orderly fashion, with proper packaging and weights, your results at Handy & Harman Refining will satisfy all your expectations from a refining partner. They have demonstrated that our choice of them for our refining needs has been correct time and again. Anyone choosing Handy & Harman Refining will enjoy dealing with their staff and appreciate the reporting and settlement process; they make the process relatively pain free and easy. They are always quick to respond to any of our queries, which means less worry and no headaches.
President, Precious Metals Dealer