Silver has been running through our company's veins for 100+ years
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Investor Bars

Silver Investor Bars

Handy & Harman is pleased to offer silver investor bars stamped with the Handy & Harman hallmark. Denominations of 50 and 100 troy ounce bars with the Handy & Harman mark are available; other sizes are also available upon request.

From our founding in 1867, Handy & Harman operated as dealers in bullion (gold and silver bars) and specie (gold and silver coins). Through this activity, we became proficient in the physical handling, evaluation, safeguarding, storage and shipment of these high-value metals... and built a reputation as a dependable precious metals company.

Silver remains a solid investment, with silver bullion retaining its value for a long time. While silver is predominantly used for industry and jewelry, buying silver bars as a part of a diversified portfolio is becoming increasingly common. Experts, many of whom consider silver a most under-valued commodity, regard silver bars as a very low premium way to obtain silver. These bars are easily purchased and sold, and are convenient to store, stack and transport.

Until recently, more silver was consumed annually than was mined. In addition, silver is being used in increasing levels in numerous health care products because of the unique antibacterial characteristics and microbicidal qualities it possesses. It's no wonder silver continues to be in high demand and is a valued investment.

Handy & Harman silver investor bars will be sold through licensed precious metal resellers, with the target markets being Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and bank institutions that trade physical silver.

For those companies utilizing Handy & Harman Refining for their scrap, silver bars can also be returned in exchange for the value of the precious metals.

For more information on Handy & Harman silver investor bars, contact 800.463.1465 or refining@handyharmancanada.com.

If your company provides materials in consistent and orderly fashion, with proper packaging and weights, your results at Handy & Harman Refining will satisfy all your expectations from a refining partner. They have demonstrated that our choice of them for our refining needs has been correct time and again. Anyone choosing Handy & Harman Refining will enjoy dealing with their staff and appreciate the reporting and settlement process; they make the process relatively pain free and easy. They are always quick to respond to any of our queries, which means less worry and no headaches.
President, Precious Metals Dealer